Bikes on the Bus

We took our bikes over to The Church of the Good Shepherd parking lot on Friday evening, loaded them in a U-Haul behind the RV, and gave our hearty thanks to the indomitable Clarks who would leave at 6 am on Saturday to haul all our biking paraphernalia out to California.

I feel a little strange without my bike, my trusty Cannondale. It ain’t no Cervelo, but its my good horse. Sure hope it makes it out there in good condition. Don Rose leant me his old bike so I could spin a bit this week and keep the legs as ready as they can be for this big race.

I rode hard up through the Memorial Day weekend. Did a 100 on Monday. Centuries are hard. Somewhere around 80 I always sink and start thinking, “Why am I doing this?” “When will this be over?” I figure that next week that translates into Somewhere around Day 6 or 7 I’ll start thinking “Why am I doing this?” and “When will this be over?” Or maybe Day 4 or 5. This RAAM is the great unknown.

Anyway, I give thanks that we’re as ready as we are. Mostly we’re healthy. The team seems to be bonding and getting along—we’ll see if that can last through sleepless rides and the stench of sweaty bodies day after day after day.

I think this is really going to happen.


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