Two First Days of School

So indulge an aging Headmaster for just this once. Let me tell you about my daughter.

Seventeen years ago we took the picture on the right, on her first day of Kindergarten. Our Jenny, off to school. She was heading off to another school, the year before she started first grade at Trinity. She attended Trinity from first through eighth grades, and she loved every year of it. One of my few educational disappointments is that Trinity didn't have a high school for her and for all the other kids like her who would have thrived in Trinity's learning community.

Just last Wednesday, we took the other photo. Another first day of school, this time at Trinity. Jenny is finishing her senior year at Duke, and we needed someone to fill in for one seventh grade Latin class at the last minute. And there she was, having cut her Latin teeth with Michael Myer back in the day, and then Sam Jackson and Durham Academy's Edith Keene. So last Wednesday, as we headed out the door, Desiree took this picture. I hope it's encouraging to someone other than Desiree and me. I hope that some of you young parents will see this and be confident that a Trinity education bears good fruit. I hope that we all will rejoice that some of our own are wanting to come back to Trinity. I hope that some of you who are mourning the loss of your graduating children will realize that when they leave they can come back as practicing adults, learning to make their way through the world like the rest of us.


I have really got to stop reading blog posts during the work day that are going to make me blubber and bawl. What a delightful full circle moment! She'll be a fantastic addition to the Trinity faculty.
Serena's 24/7 said…
loved this. loved both pictures.

KNOW that someone besides Des and you was truly encouraged.
sonya said…
I always sort of wondered who the first Trinity alum would be to come back as a teacher. It just seems fitting that it be Jenny! I remember when Rick and I came to visit the school for the first time and we peeked into that first grade classroom. You pointed out Jenny, with a big white bow in her hair. Where has the time gone? So thankful for Trinity in the lives of our children and our family! Thanks for sharing this.
dmckoy said…
Hey Chip,
I stumbled upon your blog and it is such sweet memories. I love seeing Jenny all grown up. I agree with Sonya that it is fitting that Jenny is one of the first to come back to Trinity to teach. I always thought she could have taught the class for me. Please give her a "hello" and a hug for me!
Dorrie McKoy

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