Surprise Wreath

Mrs. Tyndall's third grade met me yesterday as I was coming out of my office, just finishing up a meeting. There was the whole class, congregated in the small space that is Miss Metzger's outer office. They were holding a lovely wreath woven from maple leaves and a vine (not poison ivy!), garnished with dried late summer flowers and some grasses and such. The children were very proud of it--they had woven it themselves, and I got the sense that this was an extemporaneous exercise, their own idea. Three of the girls took particular pride in the wreath, and I expect they were the principal designers. The arrangement of the flowers was artful. Given our verse for the year and the emphasis we're putting on outdoor education, I couldn't have been more pleased. Where else could I work and be surprised in such a wonderful way? The wreath's beauty won't last long, and I'm not sure what to do with it. Maybe wear it in carpool, like an Olympic crown? I'm glad for this picture, which Miss Metzger took of the class outside my office.


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