Can You Say "Fall Family Funfest" Three Times?

I think you can. Or maybe not. It's a tongue twister. Just ask Jeff Baker, one of our co-chairs of the Trinity Fund, who had to do several takes when they filmed his wife, Alicia Ramos, and him for a promotional video.

It may not fall off the tongue easily, but it sure was a great success. We held our fall schoolwide picnic and fundraiser this past Friday afternoon. We think we had 225 of our 314 families show up. That's a great turnout! Many thanks to Jill Czajkowski, Deborah Edwards, Holley Broughton, Rachel Matthews, and Janice McAdams for organizing this. And to all the many Trinity parents and staff who pitched in to set up, run the show, and clean up.

Community is one of the intangible but very real values that a school like Trinity offers. One parent told me about his experience losing track of one of his younger children just when it was getting dark. He started to panic, and then he remembered two things: That he was at Trinity, a safe place; and that as a kid he used to love "losing" his parents for just a short time, playing in the dark. When his child showed up a few minutes later, he was able to share her joy in the moment of running free, playing with friends.

Another fine serendipity: About fifteen minutes before start time, I looked out my office window and saw it raining cats and dogs. I ran out back to survey the toll, and then we all just started to pray. (Mrs. Lemke has a great story of her own, about some kids who were praying just then too.) But the rain passed on by us quickly and we went ahead with the event. It wasn't long before we all saw the sun break through the clouds, smiling down on Trinity's Funfest. Glorious!


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