The Carpool Cheerleaders

Today was a gray and misty morning, the sort of gloomy start November is supposed to bring. I was standing outside the South Building, holding the door for Middle and Upper schoolers streaming into the building, when two MS girls came bounding out with enthusiasm and purpose. They siddled up to Dr. Goss, who was directing traffic on the sidewalk. I suppose they must have been watching the good Dr. waving traffic down to the end of the lane (always a challenge, as people love to stop right in front of the building, especially on a gloomy day). They positioned themselves right next to our Middle School Director and commenced with an orchestrated routine that looked like a cross between a traffic cop and a cheerleader. Their hand motions mimicked Dr. Goss', but theirs looked like something Hawaian to his more, well, pedestrian moves. Made my day before it had really gotten started. Got to love this kind of fun at school.


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