Life at Trinity in the Year of the Dragon

I stopped by Mrs. Woodrum's music room today to see what one of our kindergarten classes was up to.

Trinity parent May Slowik was there helping the students ring in the Chinese new year. To be precise, they rang it in on Orff instruments, playing on the forgiving pentatonic scale, while Mrs. Woodrum sang in Chinese.

Here's some of what Mrs. Slowik shared:

"I was actually born in Korea but my family is Chinese. My grandparents fled to Korea from the Northeast part of China"

"I think an interesting fact about me for the kids is that I came to America when I was in kindergarten. I didn't speak any English or knew anybody besides some relatives in America. As a child, Chinese New Year was always about family. I have 10 aunts and uncles and we would all gather at my grandmothers house to eat dumplings and light firecrackers at night."

Mrs. Slowik shared about many of her favorite Chinese New Year traditions, from dumplings to the traditional red bags.

The highlight was surely the dragon at the end. The students enjoyed parading through the room as the adults made a decent ruckus. I tried to do my part.

And tonight I enjoyed some Moo Goo Gai Pan just to keep the spirit of the Dragon alive.


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