Why I Will Run for Mukhanyo

My knees don't like it when I run anymore, but I will run on Monday.  I'll run for Mukhanyo Christian Academy.  I'll run to support the Trinity students who have stepped up to organize this worthy cause.

Two years ago, Desiree and I had the privilege of visiting Mukhanyo.  I blogged about it then.  Lots of good, hard, powerful memories from that trip.

But here is the one that stands out, the reason I will run for Mukhanyo.

This is a picture of GoGo, a 90-year-old South African grandmother who lives in KwaMhlanga.  Her grandchild, pictured here, attends Mukhanyo Christian Academy.  There were probably a dozen children at her ramshackle house (in background here) when we visited, and she is raising them on her own--the parents have died of AIDS.

She was so thankful for the school, where her grandson gets an education and a good meal every day, that she brought out this exquisite mat and gave it to Desiree and me.  It was, far and away, the nicest thing in her home.  I didn't deserve it.  Worse than that, I deserve not to have this.  But she gave it to me in an act of lavish generosity and thankfulness.  I will just have to entrust her to our God, who promises that it is better to give than to receive.  May she who sowed generously reap generously, both in this life and in the life to come.

And on Monday I will run for her and her grandchild.


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