"The Best Day of the Year!"

I can't tell you how many students and parents told me, "This is the best day of the year!"

That's the considered opinion about Field Day, which we held on Friday, May 17.  It's a day when the entire school comes together for a morning of fun and games outside in the beautiful spring weather.  The seniors and the middle school students provide leadership for this event.  And we finish up with a grand 1K run that involves the entire school.

Here is an email Mrs. Jenny Bodnar sent to the Trinity community after the event was over.  It captures the spirit of the day and gives credit to many who worked so hard to make it possible.  I will just add my own thanks to the many unnamed servants who filled countless (over 1000) water balloons.  And to Mrs. Bodnar, who ran a really good show.

Mrs. Bodnar, Chief Kahuna of Field Day, with the Headmaster

Trinity Community,

This morning I got to see up close the depth of Trinity's community. From our students and parents to our teachers and staff, I had people filling in a thousand ways that I know of and probably another thousand I'll never know of. We are a community full of servants and in my mind there is nothing that points to our Savior like that kind of selfless, often unnoticed, serving. 

Our middle schoolers took on the transition from participant to volunteer so well. They transported water and ran each station with enthusiasm (often in the form of water) and love for their younger friends. Four of our 8th grade boys (along with Dr. Goss!) met me at 6am to set-up. Our seniors managed the stations well, adding critical doses of wisdom and discretion. They also served as buddies, allowing some daring teachers to step away from their classes for parts of the event. Our teachers brought grace, patience, and watchful eyes, filling in at stations that needed help, pulling aside and comforting crying children, and cheering everyone on. Then there's the Athletic Department who have helped in so many ways for so many days. I cannot even begin to outline all they have done. There were parents who just showed up and asked, "Where can I help?" And then there was David Asay who worked harder than anyone else - painting and mowing fields, moving everything heavy, and taking orders from me for several days on end.

For many this is one of the most exciting events of the school year. It signals summer and it provides that rare chance to get wet and have a very long recess at school. I had several parents tell me that their lower school students were up at the crack of dawn and had been counting down the days til Field Day. The only complaint I heard all day was that some lower schoolers thought the day was way too short. I'll take that. 

It was truly my pleasure to plan this day. I love doing stuff like this, especially for a community like Trinity. Plus, I got to carry a megaphone all day and there's really very little that beats that. 



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