Parent Nights!

Wednesday, September 11 
I just wanted to celebrate one of the best Parent Nights I've been a part of over my nineteen years.  Thanks to all who led and served.

The dinner for new parents was fabulous, and we had a great turnout.  Thanks to Holley and Sophie and the Picnic Basket (owned by new parents Rebecca and Erik Dailey!).  

Robin Lemke's presentation at the plenary was excellent--missional and substantive, crisp and clear.  And the video played nicely against Robin's more serious remarks; it was a great surprise for the LS teachers, and one of my favorite moments was watching them watching the video. Check it out here.
Kimberley Kaestner did a great job talking about the TPO, and Mort Hight nailed the Trinity Fund.  He set a high bar for us: 100% parent participation.  If we hit that, we will have a PARTY and they will feature us in all the Development magazines!  Let's go for it! 

And as I walked around, I saw engaged and passionate teachers, well-prepared.  I saw great things on the walls, and I heard about good teaching and learning going on every day.  

Our LS parents have such ardent interest in their children's education and are full of thanks and wonder at a Trinity education.  

Thursday, September 12  
I just returned from our second Parent Night, this one for the Middle School.  What a great event!

After last night's strong Lower School event, tonight felt like the second leg of a relay race.  The Lower School handed off the baton after a great first lap, and tonight the Middle School ran their lap just a strong. 

A small group of new parents (only 7 new students this year) gathered with the faculty and some TPO leaders to enjoy a dinner beforehand. 

Mason Goss gave us a thought reminder of the place of the Middle School in carrying out the mission of Trinity.  There was a strong sense that Middle School is a great place for these students to be and grow, exactly the place God wants them for now.  We introduced the excellent faculty who love to teach Middle School students.  And we heard from TPO President Kimberley Kaestner about ways to get involved.  

Georgina and Michael Keene gave us an inspiring and compelling appeal to support the Trinity Fund.

And then the parents went to class.  It was fun to watch them struggle to navigate class changes, just the way I've watched their children do over these first weeks.  Our teachers gave the parents substantive introductions to their courses.  

So now as the Middle School crosses the finish line, I'm excited to see the hand-off to the Upper School's gun lap next week.


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