Third Grade Philanthropists

I was gratified to see our third grade engage so enthusiastically with the Canes for Bikes project.

Third grade teacher, Avril Caldwell, brought the idea to us, inspired by her church's vision: raise money to buy bikes for children at Genesis Home.  The third graders made candy cane reindeer and sold them around campus.

Students made several visits to my office and to other places around campus.  It was exciting to see them telling the story and advocating for the sake of others.  They were intent on raising funds!  Mrs. Lemke told me that after they left my office and another office, where they encountered supportive adults without any cash on hand, one of them said, "No money, but lots of promises."

They raised over $800 for bikes, and this morning they were exuberant as they gathered in front of the Lower School with the new bikes lined up.


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