A Rainy Day of Learning at Trinity School

Earlier this year, Cooper the Wonder Dog, my grandpuppy, went in search of students who were not yet to be found.  But this morning Cooper would have found plenty of students at Trinity School.  I took some time to wander the Lower School classes, and I was delighted with what I found.

It's officially the 13th day of school, and we are humming along.  On this rainy day, students and teachers all seemed to have settled into lots of great learning.

I found the TK Cubs reading Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel, a book my mother read to me when I was a child.

I saw the first graders working on Singapore math and second graders taking a break after reading to play with games for an indoor recess.  The first graders in Mrs. Simpson's class were having snack and listening to their Bible story, and I had the privilege of sharing in their time of prayer for the world, their families, and the school.  Upstairs, I found sixth graders learning about the Order of Operations, as Mrs. O'Brient told the story of guests at the Operations Ball (students were enthralled).  And Mrs. Steis was giving the students a visual tour of Minoan civilization and the explosion of the volcano on ancient Thera--the students had many questions about tsunamis.  Across the hall, Mrs. Ruffing had just finished teaching her students about the scientific method, having them build paper airplanes, whose various designs they tested by flying them in the hallways.  Whoever said you couldn't have fun learning on a rainy day?

Let it rain.


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