Grammar Schooling

Yesterday I sent the following email to all of our faculty and staff.  Thought I'd share that with the rest of the Trinity community.  The NPR piece is worth checking out, and the quiz is fun to take.  

I've received already several encouraging and funny responses from faculty.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Interesting piece this morning on NPR from Mark Memmott, their editor of standards and practices.  

He directed us to the NPR Grammar Hall of Shame.  Please check it out.  

I was gratified to learn that at the Top of the Hall of Shame Chart was a pet peeve of mine, one I keep hearing from Trinity folks (and NPR reporters!): the misuse of pronouns, especially "I" and "me."  Take the quiz at the end of this piece and see how you do.

This kind of thing is not important compared to our Christian mission, the achievement gap, and bullying in schools, but it is important, especially for a school.  Until the Mavens of Style declare that you and me can do what we want with our pronouns, it is our obligation as a school to show the way and walk the correct talk.




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