Greco-Roman Day!

Greco-Roman Day in fifth grade today.  What an array of gods, goddesses, heroes, poets, statesmen, generals, and all manner of renowned famous folk.  

The students do a great job inhabiting their characters, and their projects were rich and meaningful.  The student art in the halls was beautiful.

Three goddesses

Zeus, Apollo, and their entourage

Mosaic and pottery

Dramatic masks

Other Trinity students and parents enjoy hearing from the fifth graders.

An interview with Homer, Julius Caesar, Demeter, Helios, and Medea

 I was especially impressed with the new (second year, I think) format of having them interview each other with prepared questions.  The students were well-spoken and prepared.  I left the fifth grade rooms and headed over to catch the end of the Middle School Sanctuary, where two eighth graders (as is the custom in MS) were presenting on a passage of Scripture, before the entire Middle School.  I hear good feedback from people outside Trinity that our students and graduates are good on their feet and in public presentations.  This is such an important skill in today's economy, and it starts early in LS and cycles through the MS  and up into the Upper School, where honors symposia and Capstone presentations culminate long periods of rich and deep work.  


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