Listening for God's Word with the Junior Class

We started a new tradition today.

The juniors joined Mr. Gould, Mr. Cate, Dr. Utz, Mrs. Van Tongeren, and me for pizza and a conversation about their taking the lead on choosing the school verse for 2015-2016.  I heard about this idea from one of our accreditation team, and I loved it right off the bat.

It gives the rising seniors a chance to own the school's mission and listen for God's direction by soaking in Scripture over the summer and coming together at their August retreat to agree on a verse that captures something essential about Trinity, about themselves, and about their fellow students.  As Mr. Cate said afterward, it's like we're looking for a verse that we would want to put on the doorways of our house--that's biblical!

We had good conversation about the importance of senior leadership, about the school's mission, and about the ways that God guides us as we listen prayerfully and read his Word.

So stay tuned, everyone, for next year's verse, to be announced at the Opening Chapel the first Monday of next year.

With the Rising Seniors at Lunch (Montae and B-Lo were helping clean up after worship and joined us later)


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