Dispatches from Innisfree

 Thanks to the generous and far-sighted leadership of the Trinity board and the strong team of staff and faculty, I am able to take a six-month sabbatical during the latter half of 2016.

I'm not planning to blog regularly during this time, but I'm a few weeks into my time now and thought I'd post some pictures of things I've spent my time with so far.

It has been a very busy July: travels to see family, weddings, and preparations for our pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago.  Lots of time with family--you will see a certain one-year old in many pictures below.

How am I doing?  Better than I deserve, as they say.

In the mountains with Stone and his parents
I rode Blood, Sweat, and Gears again this year to kick off the sabbatical 
Stone was not very pleased to see his sweaty Pops in a strange outfit at the end of the ride.
I visited my Mom in Knoxville.  Breakfast on her patio.
Pat Summit died the day I was in Knoxville
Mom and I paid a visit to her statue
At the pool with my grandson

On a visit to see Des' family in Atlanta, we stayed with friends who have this spiral stairway in their townhome.
We rode bikes on the Atlanta Beltway and paid a visit to Ebenezer Baptist Churc

And MLK's birthplace
Then to Chicago

My son, Chad, and his girlfriend, at the train station in Lemont, her hometown

Playing the tourist in Chicago, on the architectural boat tour

Rode a bike up to U of C Loyola

Preparing for the Camino
With Des on a Duke Forest Trail
With Cooper on the Quarry Trail
With Stone on the Garrett Farms Trail


Much deserved. Great selfies, Dr. Denton!

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