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Jenny and Chip in front of Mt. Meru (Second Highest Peak in Tanzania)

Des and Chip in the NgoroNgoro Crater

Grandmother GoGo's Widow's Mite

Teacher Meriam, Teacher Stacey, the children of MCA, with me

Mukhanyo Christian Academy

St. Judes


Amani Center for Children

Report from Africa (Days 1-2)

On Africa and Technology

Out of Africa

On the Ontology of Technology

Homo Faber

Welcoming and Wise


What's the Story?

Almost There

The Finish, in 4th place - RAAM 2010: Day 7 (FINISH) with Team @DurhamCares - VIDEO

RAAM 2010: Day 6 with Team @DurhamCares - VIDEO

Time Station Tracking on a Map

End in Sight

Day Four

Day Something

RAAM 2010: Day 5 with Team @DurhamCares - VIDEO

RAAM 2010: Day 4 with Team @DurhamCares - VIDEO

RAAM 2010: Day 3 with Team @DurhamCares - VIDEO

RAAM 2010: Day 2 with Team @DurhamCares - VIDEO

Day Two


Day One

Race Day is Here!

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Day before the Race Begins

The Adventure Begins

Bikes on the Bus

Peddling for Our Neighbors

How I Got on the Bike