Butterfly Serendipity

I dropped into Mrs. Watts' class this morning to borrow a book.  I was scheduled to read to the TK class and forgot to bring a book from home.  So I asked Mrs. Watts if she had a copy of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, a longtime favorite.  While I was there, Mrs. McKown, the Aide, pointed out that their butterflies had hatched and been released.  I had just missed the moment.  

So I ventured down the TK room and had a great time reading to our youngest Lions.  (There is more in Mike Mulligan than is dreamt of in a TKer's philosophy!)  

Then, when I was done, I wandered outside to find a host of young Trinity classes on recess.  I spied Mrs. Pothoven's class around the picnic table with their own butterfly net.  I happened on the scene just as they were releasing their butterflies.  One of them even fluttered into my hair, as you can see here.  

What a great morning at Trinity School!


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