Lower School Passages

Not a great picture, but a great picture, if you know what I mean.  This is the Lower School gathered for their last Assembly of the year.  The students standing at the front are our sixth graders.  Mrs. Lemke and the teachers honored them today by recognizing their passage through Trinity's Lower School to become, soon, new seventh graders. 

Two students spoke for the group and expressed thanks and celebration for the things they had learned.  They gave the admiring younger grades some friendly advice ("Use your growing freedom wisely; you can lose it!").  They talked about learning how to study and to handle the increasing responsibility of sixth grade. 

Our sixth graders are coming off of two culminating learning events: last week's Medieval Day, celebrating their integrated studies of that period of history and literatur; and Science Expo, in which they created posters to describe the design, process, and conclusions of their independent experiments. 

Mrs. Lemke gave them a little bit of good news, in celebration of their passage to the Middle School.  For the rest of the school year, they can forego uniforms on Thursdays and dress according to the simple guidelines of the Middle School. 

I love being at a TK-12 school.  You get to see these kind of important transitions all the time.  Students grow up to stand tall and take their place at the next level.  Our job at Trinity is to move them along, get them out of here (sadly).  This is the time of year when we see that happening all over the place.


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