Probably the Best Job in the World

Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world.

Last week it was my birthday.  I arrived at school a tad late, after a birthday breakfast with my family.  I thought it odd that my office was dark (Cindy Metzger usually opens up for me if she is there first), but I barged right in, only to find a dozen or so middle school girls hiding in there, batting 55 balloons (well, 53, as two had popped, but who was counting?) and tossing confetti all over the place.  It was a great surprise.  Thanks especially to Heather, the ring-leader.

I love it that middle school girls would do this kind of thing.  It was totally their idea, and they didn't feel like they were too cool for such silliness.  And Dr. Goss let them be late for class. 

They didn't have time to clean up, and I was going right into my day, so we just left the office with all the detritus of a surprise.  About two hours later I was meeting with Lorna Spence, our Admission Director, and there was a knock at the door.  It was the TK class, come to wish me a Happy Birthday.  which for them meant singing to me and presenting the book they made: Twelve bound pages of a picture of the Headmaster, with twelve different bow ties, custom designed by our youngest Lions.  "This is Dr. Denton's baseball tie."  "This is Dr. Denton's camo tie."  (I am holding the book in the picture below.)

I thought it rude not to invite the class into my office.  That might have been a mistake, but it was one of the funniest mistakes I've ever made.  It was like a scene at Chucky Cheese.  If you put twelve five-year olds in a room with 53 baloons ("With no strings!") and confetti galore, you are asking for a celebration.  Both the teachers and I soon realized that we had completely lost control, and we began our futile efforts to corral them back into a line or at least some semblance of order.  It took us a good while.  Mrs. Broughton came in to take a picture, and . . . well, you can see from the picture below how well we did at getting everyone's attention. 

This all reveals two little-known secrets about Trinity School:

1.  The adults are only apparently in charge.
2.  I probably have the best job in the world.


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