In Celebration of Board Members

I'm not sure many Trinity parents know much about the Board of Trustees.  It's a fine group of twelve who serve the school faithfully: they supervise the Head, they guard the mission, and they insure the viability of the school.  And they choose their own successors, which in the end may be the most important thing they do, if you take the long view and ask, "How can we keep Trinity true to Trinity's vision for decades and even centuries?" 

This past Thursday, long-time (Nine years!  Three consecutive three-year terms!) Julian Culton went off the board.  Julian has been the chair of our Land and Building Committee, and under his leadership the school built Phase II (the MS/US Building and the Gym expansion) and completed the soccer field. 

I am deeply grateful to Julian and the other board members for all they do.

Julian Culton receives a commemorative plaque in thanks for his Board service.  Chairman Bill Cobey stands to the right.


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