Resurrection Dance Theatre of Haiti

Today we enjoyed two performances from the Resurrection Dance Theatre of Haiti.  Trinity parent JoAnna Younts championed this cause for supporting the St. Joseph Family of ministries in Haiti.  St. Joseph's serves former street children through three different ministries.

The energy in the Blue Gym was palpable.  The intense physicality of the drumming was entrancing.  The three dancers were strong but fluid, and DeDe, the youngest, stole the show.

Anyone wishing to give to this ministry can do so online on their website.

Here are some pictures of the dancers. The story of The Shine was particularly compelling.  The students had a great time with that one.  Especially Leland and Gentry, who got pulled into the Drama!

The dancers, in Haitian Carnival dress
Bill, the team leader, drumming in the background

Dede, the Shoe Shine Boy, shines Miss Spangler's Shoes

Shining the Abusive Rich Man's Shoes

Gentry Stands up Tall in Defense of the Shoe Shine Boy


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