What Questions Did You Ask Today?

When our students come home from school, we parents often ask them, "What did you learn today?"

Someone proposed that we pose a different question to them: "What questions did you ask today?"  I like that.

Yesterday was a day for asking good questions at Trinity School.  I visited Green Corn Day in the second grade and a first grade Water Day.

Mrs. Wright's first grade class was in the Great Room, with lots of parent volunteers, asking good questions.
Why do these Craisins dance up and down in the water?

How many pennies will it take to overflow the already full cup?  

Will it float?

Will IT float?

Mrs. Bohn and Mrs. Best, along with a tribe of eager parent volunteers, put on another Green Corn Festival.  It, too, was full of questions:

How did the Native Americans make their pots?

What kind of tools did they have?

Did these native peoples read and write?

How did they track animals by their footprints?


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