A Rich and Unhurried Winterim

Today was the final day of Winterim, that Trinity tradition of rich and unhurried learning in the Upper School.

I had the privilege of sampling several Winterim classes this winter.

Sandie Shoe and Dawn Ward invited me to their Ireland class, to share about the Book of Kells and my visit to Ireland last summer.  We had a great time looking at some of the rich and intricate illustrations.  (I also enjoyed some Irish bread baked by Dr. Sundseth's baking class.)

On Monday, I spent a half hour hearing from the students that Adrienne Davis and Paula Hardy had led in learning about reconciliation.  I was impressed with the depth of their engagement with issues of privilege, racism, marginalization, and inclusion.

This morning I had breakfast with the class that met at Pregnancy Support Services.  Thirteen young women shared with me what they had learned about the circle of responsibility, the options that pregnant women have, and the realities of dealing with unwanted pregnancies.  They had some really good questions for me.  It was great to see former Trinity staffer Ruby Bea Peters, now Director of PSS.

Tuesday afternoon it all ended with a showcase of demonstrations, videos, and exemplars.  The clip above is the Senior Acapella Group and their rendition of "Sentimental Journey."


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