How to Make a Snow Day

Students have been talking about snow all week.  Long before I took it seriously, they were paying close attention.

I heard Mr. Gould tell the Upper Schoolers to take their books home and be ready for emailed assignments in case of protracted snow cancellations.  (Just one more ""benefit" of the DLI!)

Then on Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Simpson told me that her assistant, Mrs. Stauber, had shared with their first grade class the Gigantic Secret of How to Make a Snow Day.  Apparently it worked back in the day when Mrs. Stauber was going to school (somewhere like NJ, where it really snows).

Probably I should keep this quiet.  If too many Trinity students find out about this, we could be in for a rough February and might have to go to school until the middle of June. . . .  Hmm.

So I will give you 2/3 of the secret and you have to figure the rest out for yourself:

  1. Throw ice out the front door.  (I don't think the back door will work, but you can try it.)
  2. Put spoons under your bed.  (I don't know how many spoons you need.)
  3. [This one you will have to guess, but MaeBea Sherwood, of Mrs. Simpson's and Mrs. Stauber's class, is giving you a clue below.]

Happy Snow Day.  Stay warm and dry and I hope we don't lose power.


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