Growing Flowers for Others

This week saw the culmination of a year-long service learning project dreamed up by our Service Learning Director, Lori Easterlin, and our Lower School Director, Robin Lemke.  It is a simple but beautiful (literally) project that involved students from TK to 6th grade and the Durham Nativity School to boot.  Even Trinity Grandparents got involved in gathering vases and putting flowers in them.

After much planning, designing, building, planting, and waiting, this week our young students (see above) cut daffodils.

On Wednesday, the 6th graders hopped on the Trinity bus and went downtown to the Senior Center to deliver the daffodils and cards made by the younger students.  They entered into conversations with seniors at the center.

Nothing complicated, but a lot of good hard work that we pray will blossom into glory for Christ and the good of the people here in Durham.

Check out the video of our sixth graders at the Center here.


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