Fourth Grade Innovation

Luke Nichol is fourth grader in Mrs. Davis' class. When I asked him to tell me about the duct-tape backpack he had designed, he said he had been strolling through Southpoint Mall and seen someone with a duct-tape bag. He went home and started to work on something that he could use. The strap in the back holds the top flap in place, and also provides a nice place to display his name. The bag has two compartments inside, just enough, according to Luke, to hold what he needs to do his homework. And the straps fit him just right. He says it took him about three hours to make this bag. That was three hours that went pretty quickly. Not like three hours of homework, though he probably learned as much doing this as he would on many assignments designed by a teacher. I told Luke he might consider making handbags out of this amazing stuff and selling them to his friends. Mrs. Davis said that sounded like a great fundraising idea for the annual trip to Camp Don Lee. We'll be watching Luke to see what he does next!


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