Here We Go Again!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012.  Our first day back.

It's like someone took the school and plugged it back in today.  There is so much energy around this place I don't know what to do.  So mostly I've just walked around and watched the students entering with various attitudes of excitement and trepidation, the parents laughing and crying at the same time, the older students gathering with gear for their three-day class trips, the teachers orienting their students to a new grade and the habits of learning.  All very exciting.

Mrs. Dondero reads a living book to some eager students who are so proud to be second graders.
Yesterday hundreds of Trinity students returned for Meet the Teacher Day.

Mrs. Lemke greets her Lower School charges early on the first day and prepares to open the floodgates of learning.
Tenth grade boys enjoy each other's company as they wait to embark on their adventure in downtown Durham and the outdoors nearby.

Mrs. Holland and Mrs. Kelly take our TK Cubs on a tour of the school. 

Warming up for learning.

Criss-cross-apple-sauce and other familiar kindergarten poses.

Tears and Cheers Coffee in the Gym
A good sign: Most of the leftover cookies from Tears and Cheers looked like this.

Senior friends glad to see one another (as they embark on their excellent adventure in Western NC).

Second grade friends glad to see one another (as they embark on their excellent adventure through Native America).

Fifth grade friends glad to see each other (as they embark on their excellent adventure through Greek and Roman history).


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