One of the privileges of this job is that I get to peak behind the curtain sometimes.  I get to see people doing amazingly generous and benevolent things for one another.  Like the historical Saint Nick, Bishop of Myra, a lot of people like to give in secret, and I get to see and keep their secrets.  

Last year some people came to us and wanted to start a fund to make emergency tuition funds available for families in need.  We called it the STAR (Sunshine Tuition Assistance and Relief) Fund.  It was such a joy to see people step up to help others like this.  Their hearts were for those touched by illnesses and deaths in their families--they wanted them to be able to stay at Trinity and make it through tough times.  So far the fund has been used to help a family who had a child hospitalized, a mom who was seriously ill, and a family who lost a job unexpectedly.  

Just this week I got to peer behind the curtain on the other side.  I delivered the news to a family suffering from a serious illness that the STAR Fund cabinet had granted them funds to help with tuition this year.  This is one of the reasons I keep Kleenex in my office.  

I'm betting that when others hear about this, they may want to give too.  If this touches your heart and you want to help, STAR is open to all donors and gifts are tax deductible.  Contact Janice McAdams at or call her cell 919-810-4167.  


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