Trinity Artists

This morning I got a preview of the art portfolios several of our seniors have put together.  They will be travelling to Charlotte this weekend to participate in the NATIONAL PORTFOLIO DAY.  Art schools send their representatives to these sorts of events to meet students and critique their portfolios before they actually apply to art schools.

I hope that many of our parents take a look at this work.  It represents the blossoming and culmination of years of development and practice.  The work that hangs on the Lower School walls is the foundation of this artistry, and our art teachers (Susy Holloway, Helen Kwon, and Banks Clark) work patiently and expertly to guide and coach these students in their development.

It is humbling to be in the presence of such talent brought to maturity through hours and hours of practice.

Non Nobis.

Michael Arcidiacano created a program to transform this image into a nodal graphic

Allison Dear created this piece, technically superb and personally meaningful

Cassie Harder's Altered Photo

Ellie Feaver's ceramic hands made of flowers
All the students did a self-portrait.  This is Rachel's.


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