Three Snapshots of the Lower School

Karpool Koinonia.  I was walking down the Lower School Carpool line when I saw one mom jump out of her car and run up to the car in front to chat it up with her friend.  The mom was apologetic ("I know I'm not supposed to do this--but I just saw one of my favorite people in the world and I had to say hello.").  It reminded me of the early days of Trinity, when parents would just pull up, park, get out, fetch kids, and hang around to talk for as long as they liked.  Those days are long gone.  But the Trinity community that we all love is still alive and well.  Parents connecting through the carpool line, remembering why they love raising their kids together in the same school.  And it made me glad, too, for the excellent and efficient way the Lower School now executes the complex task of shepherding over two hundred children safely into cars in under ten minutes.  Mary Dondero, I hear, is the mastermind behind this.   

Sixth Grade iPads.  I got to visit with the sixth graders today, who were ready, after weeks of preparation and anticipation, to receive their iPads.  They were attentive as I talked to them about the Trinity Digital Compass (with Justice, Wisdom, Self-Control, and Courage as the four points) and the reasons that we take care with powerful tools like iPads.  Mrs. Chauncey followed with some specifics about their acceptable use of their new learning tools, and she made it very clear that they were stewards and not owners of these iPads.  I'm very thankful for the way the sixth grade team and the IT department are introducing these devices to our sixth graders. 

Lower School Faculty Show and Tell.  I had some time to visit the Lower School faculty meeting where the recipients of the 2018 Faculty Summer Grants set up tables and shared about their experience in professional development.  Fascinating tales of water colors, birding, teaching for equity and inclusion, and classroom management strategies.  The teachers had a great chance to learn from their peers and to think about applying some of these lessons to their own classes.  I'm also hoping that some new and creative ideas for next summer Faculty Grants were born and developed in that time.  Teachers reproduce after their own kind, and we are glad to have a faculty of lifelong learners.  


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