God's Enough

Today the fourth grade gathered for their traditional Holy Week Passover Seder. I was chatting with fourth grade teacher, Rita Davis beforehand, trying to remember how far back this tradition goes. I know that my oldest son, who was in the second oldest class when Trinity started, enjoyed this tradition. We think perhaps his fourth grade was the first year. That would make this the Fifteenth Annual Seder.

I've appreciated Rita's vision and leadership on this, along with her fourth grade teaching partners over the years. And the fourth grade parents show up in strong numbers to put together the elements of the Seder and prepare a fine meal for everyone.

The students recite a Jewish-Christian Haggadah, with different students leading along with the teachers. The students learn (in a very multi-sensory way!) about bitter herbs and the meaning of matzah. They hide the afikomen and find it at the end. They recite the wonderful responsive Psalm 136 at the end. They dress up and have a grand time.

And they sing "Dayenu." Roughly translated, this Hebrew word means "It would have been enough." If God had just given us our families, it would have been enough. If God had only led us out of Egypt, it would have been enough. If he had only fed us in the wilderness, or brought water from the rock, or led us into the promised land, or defeated our enemies--any one of these would have been enough to have convinced us of his steady love. But he just keeps piling on the blessings.

How different this attitude is to the "What Have you Done for Me Lately?" way of being in the world! I'm glad for the chance to model and celebrate such thankfulness, such contentment, such celebration of God's Enough.


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