Medieval Day

Last Friday was Medieval Day at Trinity. I ventured upstairs to hear from monks and kings, knights and Vikings. A veritable Medieval Museum emerges in the sixth grade hallway as each student presents his or her character from the middle ages. And the medieval feast has grown into something quite elaborate and wonderful over the years.

I've travelled now, over several weeks this winter and spring, from second grade Colonial Day to third grade State Day to fourth grade Biography Day and now to the sixth grade Medieval Day. Fifth Grade Greco-Roman Day will fill out the complete cycle. I'm impressed and pleased to see how the same basic skills are being practiced by the students, in a spiraling of learning experiences. So, for instance, the challenge of standing before a group and making an oral presentation. The second graders stand behind their desks and tell about their trade. The third graders present a simple suitcase. The fourth graders write and read their own imagined autobiography. The sixth graders spoke, some with notecards, some without, about their character.

I've included a picture of one of our sixth graders who truly reveled in the chance to live into her character. Her banter with the younger class who came to watch was delightful.

Kudos to our three sixth grade teachers, who organized this great event! And to the parents who helped to put it on.


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