Headmaster for the Day

Meet Barnes Powell, Headmaster for the Day.

Barnes is a resourceful and ambitious young man. He managed to bid on this opportunity at our Fall Family Funfest auction. His mother tells me that he did this all on his own, with his own money.

He texted me early this morning and asked for a bow tie. He showed up right on time, asked me to tie it for him, and (while I was doing it) asked if he could fire somebody. This guy was ready for action.

We agreed that he would announce a "No Homework" night for February 8 (which just happens to be the first Duke/UNC game of the year). He came back later with an entourage of Middle School boys asking if I would declare every Friday to be a casual Friday. (I think a teacher put him up to that one--the Middle Schoolers really couldn't get more casual).

He asked great questions at lunch: How did I get into this Headmaster gig? What were some decisions I'd made recently? How much it cost to pay for the facilities at Trinity?

I meant to tell him to keep the bow tie. I think he may need it one day.


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