We arrived back in RDU last night around 11:30 pm, tired, but full of memories and shaped by this trip in ways we don't know yet.  It was a joy to travel with Trinity students and parents, and a special joy to be with my family (minus Nick, who was a trooper to stay home and work, watch the dog, and schlep us to the airport and back).

We worked hard, and our bodies still remember those labors of love.  It was good work, and we are thankful to have been able to be a small part of God's big work in the DR.

One very tangible follow-up and application from this trip: Trinity families and classes could consider sponsoring a student at the Doulos School; and classes could consider sponsoring a class.  Here are some online resources to help us learn more about these opportunities:

A Sponsorship video on the Doulos website: http://doulosdiscovery.org/support/sponsorship/

 Adios for now.  Who knows if and when we might return, or where our journey heads next.  For now, we are back home, hoping to see God at work as much here at there.


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