Strings Concert

Last week's Strings Concert was a joy for everyone who was able to attend.  

I was especially gratified to hear Pachelbels' "Canon in D" performed by all three ensembles, Lower, Middle, and Upper.  The "Canon" always sends chills down my spine, and especially when it was played by Trinity students from the youngest to the oldest.  E Pluribus Unum.  Harmony.  Community.  One of the great values of a TK-12 school is for younger students to see what the next level looks like and for older students to have the chance to model and mentor.  

It's taken us a good long time (18 years!) to get to the point where our students can play together in this kind of ensemble.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Many thanks to all our music teachers, to Carrie Engsberg for her leadership of the strings program.  And most especially to the vision and dedication of long-time Trinity musicians Nancy Brooks and Mary Fran Boyce.


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