Appreciating the Appreciation

Thanksgiving is a circle. It goes around and around and around. So the parents at Trinity said "Thank You!" in a big way last Friday. They served up a delicious Mexican feast for our teachers and staff after carpool of the half day. Teachers enjoyed themselves immensely. And now I'm circling back to the parents to say "Thanks!" for the "Thanks!" This could go on forever. (Actually, theologically, I think it does. Milton speaks of the endless debt of gratitude, which is the blessed state of the redeemed.)

Anyway, we've got a great group of parents and the level of volunteerism is astounding. Parents brought food and flowers and prepared a wonderful meal for the teachers. Our TPO works very hard to encourage and facilitate this volunteering.

One of the greatest parts of this annual gift is the chance for teachers to sit and talk with their peers, over an unhurried meal. Maybe they talked shop. Maybe they talked avocations. Maybe they talked about their NCAA brackets. But they talked to each other, to adults. Teachers, especially those in the lower grades, spend an enormous amount of time in a room with children. They love that, but the change is welcome.

So thanks for the food and thanks for the fellowship!

Special thanks to TPO President Meggan Piehl, Vice President Rachel Matthews, Tiffany Price, and Jayna Byrd, all pictured above.


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