What Sonya Did

I don’t make it to the US Worship every Wednesday at 11, but today I had a felicitous blank on my calendar and decided to wander upstairs.

Sonya Hove was there. I knew she had returned from Chicago yesterday, but I didn’t know that she was showing up for the worship service. She was sitting quietly beside the students. Up front were Mr. Jackson and her daughter, Meagan, reading from her blog and from her husband Rick’s blog.

Sonya Hove, Trinity parent and board member, left here about three weeks ago to go to Chicago and give 60% of her liver away to friend’s mother. She is doing great, though she’s very tired. And the recipient, Gay, is doing well too. This is a good story. No--this is a great story. Actually, it reminds us of the greatest story of them all.

Sonya gives us the story in her blog: sonyahove.wordpress.com.

Rick gives us the interpretation of the story in his: rickhove.wordpress.com

They are both worth reading. It’s an amazing story.

The comparison to the Gospel story is unavoidable. Sonya is like the evangelists, Rick is like Paul. One is the story of grace and gift and life; the other interprets it for us, helps us see how amazing is the grace and the gift.

I’m so glad our Upper School students got a good dose of this story. It raises all kinds of radical questions:

What is in it for me?
Why would anyone do this?
What do you say to someone who has done this?
Would I do this?
Would someone do this for me?

The job of a good Christian school is to raise these kinds of questions. It was a great worship hour, and I'm so glad I stopped by.


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