Tabernacle Math

Yesterday I was walking from my office to the Lower School and saw Mrs. Bohn in the parking lot, with her second graders sprawled out all over the carpool lane, with modified yardsticks and chalk, working in pairs, measuring out some footprint in chalk on the pavement. "It's the tabernacle," she said. So they turned Leviticus into a math lesson. I like that.

There's a way of connecting our faith and our holy book with other subjects which is superficial and artificial. Like saying that our math problems should be "three apostles times six prophets is how many holy men?" But Mrs. Bohn's way of connecting is not at all contrived. It's natural. Who among us, in struggling through those tedious chapters of the Pentateuch have not wondered, "How big was that thing?" Our second graders were finding out.

And the collaboration and engagement. You can see it in the pictures I've posted here. Good stuff.


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