State Day

What a day we've had at Trinity! Pioneer Day and State Day all in one.

The third graders each pick a state and do research on the topic. Mrs. Tyndall and Mrs. Federman do a great job of guiding the students through this, their first real research project. They end up with a suitcase, a state flag, a quilt square (with state bird and flower and motto), and a written report, which they deliver orally before the entire class. A lot of good mapwork goes on too.

I stopped by both classes this morning and got to see a few. My favorite? Tennessee, of course, my home state! Go Vols! Sydney and I got our picture taken.


Lloyd said…
Thanks. This is a great way for parents to gain additional context for what is happening in the third grade. Your effort in reflection on what happens around the school is appreciated. Jeff Lloyd.

Owen presented on Massachusetts.

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