Volunteers for the Arts

Today in the Great Room, a dozen or so parent volunteers, under the leadership of Jill Czajkowski, gathered to plan for Trinity's upcoming Auction for the Arts. The event promises to be a great one, and I'm encouraged by the good energy, the synergism, the vision to provide our burgeoning arts programs a strong boost. The event is on April 16, and we're hoping the entire community comes out.

This is just the latest chapter in a long story of Trinity volunteerism. We were founded by volunteers. We made it through our first years by key volunteers. And now that we're larger and older, we still depend on volunteers to lead the way in important efforts like this.

I had the chance earlier this week to see Beth Little unloading some fine pieces of craftsmanship, produced by our students. You can see one of these pieces, a chair, in the picture behind Jill.


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