Whole Lotta Art and Fun on the K Hall

The real action at school today was down on the Kindergarten hall. The annual TK circus, complete with circus bands, a ringmaster, lions, dancing dogs, tightrope walkers, jugglers, and clowns, was all abuzz. I remarked to Mrs. Dondero, the teacher, that it was probably hard to pull the circus off this year since we have only six students. She corrected me with a smile: "Actually, they all always want to be in every act, so this year it was easier--everyone did everything and they were all very happy." One family told me their daughter had a hard time getting to sleep last night, for all the excitement. These experiences make memories (there was another family in the audience for whom this was the third TK circus), and they teach all sorts of skills.

Then I made my way next door to the Kindergarten art galleries. I saw Monets and Van Goghs and a cut-out picture based on Matisse. Jacob gave me a tour of Mrs. Pothoven's class, very proud of Jupiter, which he had sculpted out of molding clay.

It's a joy to work at a TK-12 school. If I'm ever a little dull-spirited and need a reminder that life is surprising and full of wonder, I just need to wander over to the Lower School and peek inside one of these classes. (And I usually get a hug to boot.)


Branson Page said…
The circus was a blast! Caroline is still talking about it.

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